Vango AirAway Awnings

A Brief History of Vango

Since Vango's establishment in 1966, the company has grown to be one of the UK's market leaders in the Outdoor & Leisure industry and continue to design, manufacture and update their innovative outdoor equipment. After 12 years of research and development, Vango introduced their innovative, inflatable AirBeam tents in 2011 and soon started to develop their designs for use in other product ranges such as their campervan, motor-home and caravan awnings.

Vango introduced the AirAway collection of drive-away awnings for campervans and motorhomes in 2013 and superb success lead Vango to launch the AirAwning collection of caravan awnings in 2014.

All of the models in these collections use high quality, inflatable beams instead of traditional fibreglass or alloy poles, offering convenient, freestanding structures that can pitch in a matter of minutes, saving you valuable holiday time when arriving on site.

AirAway Awning Features

One of the greatest improvements Vango have made to their 2015 AirBeam collection was to certain key areas of the inflation system.

The inflation points were reallocated from within zippered flaps at the bottom of the awning, to a directly accessible mid height location. In regards to ease of access to the valves and inflation, this makes the whole process of erecting the awning even easier and quicker than before.

The valves in the system have been updated to Vango’s new, non-return AirSpeed valves. The operation of the valve is best done by utilising the cap that doubles as a key, the cap fits snugly on top of the valve making opening and closing of the valve easier than using fingers alone.

The Double Action AirBeam pump was updated for 2015. The pump features a beefed up pressure dial and pressure release valve that works, as a safety device, to ensure the beams can not be over inflated past their 7 PSI recommended pressure limit. There are, as usual, a versatile selection of connectors for the pump so you can also inflate any airbeds you may have. The awning, however, is inflated by its own dedicated twist locking connector that can no longer separate from the AirBeam during inflation unlike previous models. The piston has also been upgraded from plastic, to a metal alloy piston, enhancing the stability and longevity of the pump.

The movement the inflation points has also allowed Vango to add more ventilation to the bottom of the awning that results in increased air flow and reduces condensation within the awning. The connecting section, between van and awning, now features a door on either side. This is a great addition to the awning, adding convenient entry and exit points in a key position.

Vango's Tension Band System (TBS II) features 2 sets of straps, which are located on each of the AirBeams. When connected from the side of the awning to a central point on the roof, a triangle is created that gives incredible stability to the awning should the weather deteriorate. These straps are only really needed in bad weather and can be stowed neatly in convenient pockets on the side of the tent.

Connecting the Vango AirAway Awning to a Van

All Vango AirAway awnings come with a pre-attached 6mm kador strip to easily join the awning to your vehicle in combination with two strong and trustworthy storm straps to secure the awning. Click here to see our handy Connection Methods Guide from our Blog.

For 2016, Vango  introduced an entirely new awning in the Galli which unlike their other awnings pitches parallel to the van or motorhome. In addition to this Vango has also introduced a new Low size for their awnings designed primarily for VW Transporters, Mercedes Vito's and similar sized vans.

Vango Galli AirAway Awning

The Galli van awning pitches parallel to the van unlike Vango's other models and is a true free standing awning that could be used as a tent if desired. Similar in size to the Kela III XL (Sapera) the Galli offers vast amounts of living space as well as options for up to two bedrooms (bedrooms are not included and are sold separately). The Galli also features pre-bent beams and a curved roof which optimises height throughout the awning. As with all the 2016 models the Galli is constructed using a 420 double ripstop polyester fabric which is a much higher denier compared to previous models and boasts a far greater durability and strength as a result. It also has a waterproofing of 6000mm and fully sealed seams.

Attachment to the van is done by kador strip or velcro roof bar straps on the side of the awning. The AirBeams themselves are extremely chunky and in conjunction with the Tension Band System and storm straps the awning is going to be able to withstand the worst weather with ease.

Vango Kela AirAway Awning

Vango’s number one selling free-standing drive-away AirBeam awning has evolved since its' inception. The first, and most noticeable, modification to the Kela is its colour. The Kela is now somewhat darker than the original Kela and features non-reflective, white detailing, enhancing its sleek design.

The Kela features a new high quality 420 double ripstop Sentinel Pro fabric with a 6000 hydrostatic head and a 300 denier Oxford sewn-in groundsheet. The flysheet is a highly waterproof, reliable and durable fabric that will ensure you remain dry and comfortable. The 420 denier flysheet increases life expectancy and strength of the awning compared to lighter denier flysheets. The 300-denier Oxford fabric groundsheet gives a fantastic balance between high durability and low weight.

The awning no longer features an included bedroom, instead they are now sold separately, they comfortably fit a double airbed, sleeping two people. The bedroom is also easily removable, by unclipping it from tabs within the awning an additional large window is revealed along with extra floor space. The Kela III has an impressive pitching time of around 4 minutes and comes with Vango’s 2 year warranty!

The Kela comes with a wide mouthed bag that makes it easy to pack away the awning and also has compression straps to further reduce its' pack size for storage and transport.