AirBeam Tents - A Brief Guide To What Makes Them Different AirBeam Tents - are tents that essentially no longer have conventional hard metal poles to give them structure, but instead use fabric beams into which air is pumped to make them rigid. You should note that different terminology is used by the different brands.

Advantages - the main advantages are the substantial reduction in weight and the ease of putting the tent or awning up and taking it down. Other advantages include single person pitching and superior performance of airbeams when compared to conventional poles. For Airbeam Awnings there is the additional advantage that the attached vehicle is less likely to get damaged.

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  1. Tent Packages
  2. Vango Winslow 500 Air
    Vango Winslow 500 Air
    As low as £299.00
  3. Vango Longleat Air 800XL
    Vango Longleat Air 800XL
    As low as £599.00
  4. Vango Capri Air 500XL
    Vango Capri Air 500XL
    As low as £539.00
  5. Outwell Woodburg 7A
    Outwell Woodburg 7A
    As low as £599.99
  6. Outwell Broadlands 5A
    Outwell Broadlands 5A
    As low as £439.99
  7. Outdoor Revolution Airedale 6 + Carpet
  8. Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes 6 XL
  9. Vango Solace TC 400 Tent
    Vango Solace TC 400 Tent
    As low as £1,099.00
  10. Outwell Reddick 4A
    Outwell Reddick 4A
    As low as £349.99
  11. Kampa Brean 4 AIR
    Kampa Brean 4 AIR
    As low as £470.00
  12. Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes 4 Tent
  13. Outwell Cedarville 3A
    Outwell Cedarville 3A
    As low as £299.00
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