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Kampa Air AwningsIt seems almost unbelievable that Kampa was only founded in 2006. In the years since their inception they have rapidly gained popularity amongst caravaners and proved themselves to be one of Europe’s most recognisable brands. Their attention to detail and quality across all their product lines, from awnings to tables, allows customers a sense of security that they have bought a product that is built to last and is ultimately functional.

Kampa has experience far beyond it’s years, with over thirty years spent in the camping and caravanning business. All this know how guides their development of new and exciting developments that constantly improve the quality, usability and durability of their products. Kampa’s AirFrame awnings have been one such development and have made the pitching of both caravan and van awnings far easy than ever before. Heavy steel and fibreglass poles have been replaced by, equally strong, inflatable poles that are interconnected and can be inflated in as little as ten minutes by use of a double action pump. The whole process of pitching has been dramatically simplified and resistance to strong winds has also been greatly improved thanks to the AirFrame being unable to snap like traditional fibreglass poles.

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