Cornwall's Professional Ski Boot Fitting Service

We’re still ski boot fitting!


With all the recent changes to the government guidelines we’ve made some changes on how we will be boot fitting this season.

During ski boot fitting we will make sure that our fitters are wearing visors and gloves during the fitting, boots will also be sanitised after a fitting.

We are now appointment only and ask for you to bring your own ski socks for your booking.

Help support local businesses in these hard times!

Here at Three Zero we offer a full professional ski boot fitting service so you can get the best and most comfortable fit possible from your boot before hitting the slopes. Our fitting service typically takes between 1 to 2 hours and includes precise measurement of your feet, in-depth discussion about boot/ski history and, where applicable, custom moulding of liners and custom shells. For those with irregular shaped feet we can also stretch boots, to accommodate problem areas, or alternatively add shaped foam to fill any voids.

Our extensive range of ski boots offers the best brands and caters for all abilities and skiing preferences whether you like to roam the backcountry or stay firmly on-piste. As a good boot is nothing without a good sock, we have a great range of Falke, 32 and Darn Tough ski socks to provide addition support and padding. Want more of custom fit? Why not upgrade your foot-bed to a mouldable or even heated model for a fully tailored skiing experience?

Free Ski Boot Fitting When You Buy From Us

When you buy ski boots from us you get a full fitting included in the price of the boot letting you buy with confidence. In the unlikelihood of the boot not fitting to your satisfaction while you are away you will also be entitled to free further adjustment upon your return.

Ski Boot Fitting Price List

Ski boot fitting prices when boots not bought in store.

Binding Mount - £35

Bindings will be mounted to fit your ski boot and DIN settings will be adjusted to the correct settings for your safety. Please note; each make of binding needs a different shape jig therefore we will not be able to fit every make of binding but endeavour to have the equipment to fit most. To mount your bindings, we will need your ski boots and some personal details. These include your weight, height and skiing ability. 
This service is free if the skis are bought in store from us.

Binding Adjustment - £15

Adjust bindings to new boot, calculate release setting and set bindings correctly – re-drill not necessary.

Liner Mould - £20

Most liners in ski and snowboard boots are heat reactive giving them thermal moulding properties, with the equipment in the shop we can mould these liners to give you, a customised, perfect fit around your foot and leg! This service is free if the boots are bought in store from us.

DIN Adjust - £5

This will adjust your DIN settings. If either your skiing ability or your weight/height has changed, then you may want to adjust your bindings release settings. To do this we will need your ski boots and some personal details. These include: weight, height and skiing ability. This service is free if the Skis or Boots are bought in store from us.

Custom Shell - £60

A process developed by Salomon, where the shell of the boot is heated up in a specifically designed ski boot oven and the shell becomes mouldable around your foot giving the skier a tailored, precision fit. 

Boot Stretch - £20

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort from your boots, you might want to consider having them stretched. This involves heating the boot up and stretching it with specialist equipment in the specific area that is causing discomfort. 
This can alter the aesthetics of the boots and we see this process as a last resort, our fitters have various techniques to alter the boot before stretching the boot.

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