The 'berth' of a tent is a guide the manufacturers give to a tent in regards to how many people the tent can sleep.

When choosing a tent it is a good idea to remember that this is just a guide advising you how many people it is possible to sleep, not how many it is practical to sleep. For example, most one man tents are only big enough to fit one person full stop, no allowances are made for 'wiggle room' or storage of gear. The gear you do have with you will, more than likely, have to be left outside of the tent where it will be open to the elements. Some tents feature a small area where gear can be stowed and kept out of the rain between the inner tent and flysheet. The same can be said for all berths of tents so if you would like to comfortably sleep two in a tent, we would always suggest a three man tent and so on. In larger four man and up tents there is normally a lot more living and storage room provided.

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  1. Vango Winslow 500 Air
    Vango Winslow 500 Air
    As low as £299.00
  2. Vango Padstow Package 500
    Vango Padstow Package 500
    As low as £271.15
  3. Vango Longleat Air 800XL
    Vango Longleat Air 800XL
    As low as £599.00
  4. Vango Capri Air 500XL
    Vango Capri Air 500XL
    As low as £539.00
  5. Robens Klondike Bell Tent
    Robens Klondike Bell Tent
    As low as £499.99
  6. Outwell Woodburg 7A
    Outwell Woodburg 7A
    As low as £599.99
  7. Outwell Willwood 5
    Outwell Willwood 5
    As low as £349.99
  8. Outwell Collingwood 6
    Outwell Collingwood 6
    As low as £343.74
  9. Outwell Broadlands 5A
    Outwell Broadlands 5A
    As low as £439.99
  10. Outdoor Revolution Airedale 6 + Carpet
  11. Easy Camp Palmdale 600 Tent
    Easy Camp Palmdale 600 Tent
    As low as £339.99
  12. Coleman Rocky Mountain 5 Plus XL
  13. Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus
    Coleman Pinto Mountain 5 Plus
    As low as £299.00
  14. Coleman MacKenzie 6 BlackOut
    Coleman MacKenzie 6 BlackOut
    As low as £425.00
  15. Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes 6 XL
  16. Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent
    Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent
    As low as £184.99
  17. Vango Solace TC 400 Tent
    Vango Solace TC 400 Tent
    As low as £1,099.00
  18. Vango Langley 400XL
    Vango Langley 400XL
    As low as £313.65
  19. Outwell Reddick 4A
    Outwell Reddick 4A
    As low as £349.99
  20. Kampa Hayling 4
    Kampa Hayling 4
    As low as £350.00
  21. Kampa Brean 4 AIR
    Kampa Brean 4 AIR
    As low as £470.00
  22. Easy Camp Dayhaven Tipi
    Easy Camp Dayhaven Tipi
    As low as £69.99
  23. Coleman Oak Canyon 4
    Coleman Oak Canyon 4
    As low as £294.00
  24. Coleman MacKenzie 4 BlackOut
    Coleman MacKenzie 4 BlackOut
    As low as £359.00
  25. Coleman FastPitch Air Valdes 4 Tent
  26. Outwell Cedarville 3A
    Outwell Cedarville 3A
    As low as £299.00
  27. Kampa Brean 3 AIR
    Kampa Brean 3 AIR
    As low as £419.99
  28. Easy Camp Quasar 300
    Easy Camp Quasar 300
    As low as £59.99
  29. Vango Scafell 200
    Vango Scafell 200
    As low as £84.99
  30. Robens Voyager 2 Tent
    Robens Voyager 2 Tent
    As low as £134.99
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