Kayak Buyers Guide

Kayaks Buyers Guide

Where to Start

When buying a kayak the main aspect to consider is how you intend to use the kayak. If you want a kayak for simply messing around on rivers or calm coastal waters with family and friends the shape and construction of the kayak will be completely different to that of a long distance touring kayak. The thinner (less stable) the profile of a kayak the easier it can cut through the water, this also has a dramatic increase on the speed it can travel due to less drag. Wider kayaks are much more stable and harder to capsize although there is a trade off as its' wider shape slows kayak travel through the water because of increased drag. Entry level kayaks tend to be pretty wide and forgiving making them a perfect for families.

Short Kayaks

Shorter kayaks are very maneuverable and suit paddling on fast flowing rivers. This maneuverability can, for beginners, make them difficult to paddle in a straight line.

Short Kayak

Long Kayaks

The longer and more streamlined the shape the faster the kayak can travel. Also being so long is a reduces in the overall maneuverability of the kayak and can be easily capsized due to less width.

Long Kayak

Another important, but slightly mundane aspect to consider is how much space you have to store the kayak and how to transport it to and from the water.

Sevylor Inflatable Kayaks

Sevylor is undoubtedly one of the one of the founding fathers of inflatable water sports products having been in the business since 1948. Throughout their 60 year history they have pioneered the use and development of PVC inflatables to be used in kayaks, boats and the latest addition, stand up paddle boards.

The range Sevylor offers is extremely diverse, the entry level Riviera 2 two man kayak is aimed at getting families or couples enjoying the kayaking for a relatively small price. While the Colorado, Yukon and Pointer K1 utilise tougher fabrics and more streamlined profiles, along with fins, to provide a more performance based experience. The man selling point of these kayaks has got to be that these can be packed away and stored in a bag. There's no need for a roof rack and the lack of weight means getting your kayak to the waters edge is far easier than a conventional kayak. That being said, inflatable kayaks will never be as fast or as sturdy as a rigid kayak with the emphasis put firmly on enjoyment, not out and out performance.

Sevylor's entry level, Riviera 2 inflatable kayak is perfect for fun days on the river or calm seas.

Sevylor Riviera 2

The Yukon features heavier duty fabrics that allow it to take on rougher waters.

Sevylor Yukon

The Pointer K1 also features heavy duty fabrics as well as a more streamlined design similar to rigid kayaks.

Sevylor K1