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A range of ski waxes, wax irons and edge tools for your ski and snowboard tuning and repairs. And remember, if you are unable or simply don't want to service or tune-up your own skis or snowboards, then we have a comprehensive ski and snowboard servicing and repair workshop here in Truro, Cornwall.

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  1. Volcom Crushed Can Stomp Pad 23/24
  2. Demon Edge Tuner
  3. Union U Logo Stomp Pad
  4. Union Boot Scraper Stomp Pad
  5. Dakine Triangle Scraper
  6. Dakine Ptex Sticks
  7. Dakine High Octane Rub On Wax
  8. Dakine Micro Lock 22
  9. Dakine Edge Tuner Tool
  10. Dakine Torque Driver
  11. Dakine Circle Mat Stomp Pad
  12. Dakine Deluxe Tune - Tuning Kit
  13. Dakine 10 Inch Scraper
  14. Volcom Mini Stone Stomps 23/24
  15. Dakine Cool Lock
  16. Dakine Landing Pad 15/16 -20%
    Dakine Landing Pad 15/16
    Special Price £12.00 Regular Price £15.00
  17. Dakine Gum Drops -20%
    Dakine Gum Drops
    Special Price £10.39 Regular Price £12.99
  18. Crab Grab The Bone -20%
    Crab Grab The Bone
    Special Price £10.56 Regular Price £13.20
  19. Holmenkol Natural Skiwax -20%
    Holmenkol Natural Skiwax
    Special Price £8.00 Regular Price £10.00
  20. Demon PTex Wax Candle Sticks
    Demon PTex Wax Candle Sticks
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
  21. Demon Daredevil Ski Trainer -20%
    Demon Daredevil Ski Trainer
    Special Price £23.20 Regular Price £29.00
  22. Dakine Oval Boot Laces Asstd -20%
    Dakine Oval Boot Laces Asstd
    Special Price £3.19 Regular Price £3.99
  23. Dakine Covert Leash -20%
    Dakine Covert Leash
    Special Price £5.59 Regular Price £6.99
  24. Anything Technical FX Strips
    Anything Technical FX Strips
    Special Price £4.00 Regular Price £5.00
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24 Items

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