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FRIENDLY ADVICE - 01726 893010

At Three Zero we understand why customers, both online and in our shop in Cornwall, will sometimes feel the need to seek advice.


One obvious reason, is the vast range of outdoor products now available to everyone -  from sturdy, waterproof Walking Boots to Ski Jackets that keep you warm but let your body breathe. It comes as no surprise ( not to us at least ) that this alone can make choosing the right product a bewildering and daunting task.

Another classic reason is simply we are all different.  Different customers have different needs -  from the casual walker to the hardened backpacker - from the first time skier, excited about their school trip to California or the Alps or the expert skier with years of experience. It comes as no surprise that this alone can make choosing the right product a bewildering and daunting task.

You are buying for someone else!  We all know what we are talking about here. Buying for the outdoor enthusiast, the sailing enthusiast, the skiing enthusiast or whatever enthusiast - when you don't share their enthusiasm or know anything about what they 'are into'. But it's a present, you want to keep it a secret and you want it to be just the right product. Now you need advice.


Our staff are all enthusiasts.  They will not all know about every subject - but they all have areas of knowledge and expertise. Most importantly, they are passionate about their areas of interest. When asking about advice on a skiing product, you want to be talking to someone who has actually skied. When discussing walking boots or lightweight tents for backpacking, you want to be talking to a member of staff who goes rambling regularly across the cornish coast and who loves to share the enjoyment of that experience. At ThreeZero, this is what we offer.

A member of staff who cares - not a pushy sales person.  Our aim is to advise. We do not try to sell products at all costs, regardless of whether they suit your needs . We will give the best advice we can offer, without making unrealistic claims for the product or products we have recommended. We will do our best to discuss with you, your requirements; do what is necessary to advise what products best meet those requirements and having given you that information aid you in making a final decision if you so wish.


By telephone  -  You will find our telephone numbers at the bottom of every page on the ThreeZero website.

As the member of staff taking your enquiry may not be the most appropriate person to answer your query, they may just take your contact details and pass your query to a more knowledgeable and better suited member of staff. We will always be more than pleased to either telephone you back or send details by email if you provide your email address.  We will always endeavour to provide you with a reply promptly and efficiently.

By email  - You can contact us by email using our 'Contact Us' form. To do so please Click Here