Marker Jester 16 ID 90 Binding LENGTH: 90

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Marker Jester 16 ID 90 Binding

Sole.ID: One binding, two boot norms.

Whatever boot you wear, all Marker SOLE.ID bindings are compatible to every kind of ski boot! Whether you prefer alpine boots or boots with touring sole, with SOLE.ID the bindings can be adjusted in seconds. The secret is the height-adjustable gliding plate; easy to handle and of course providing uncompromising performance. SOLE.ID respects ISO 5355 (alpine boots) and ISO 9523 (boots with touring soles).


  • Weight: 2106 g (90)
  • Din/ISO Range: 6.0 - 16.0
  • Recom. Skier's Weight: 60+ kg
  • Stand height w/o ski: 22 mm
  • Toe System: Triple Pivot Elite 2
  • AFD Gliding Plate: Stainless steel, hight adjustable
  • Step-in Heel: Inter Pivot 2


  • Sole.ID 
  • AFD Stainless Steel 
  • Inter Pivot Heel 
  • Magnesium Parts 
  • Triple Pivot Elite Toe
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