Demon Complete Tune Kit 220 UK Colour: ONE COLOUR

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Brand Demon

Demon Complete Tune Kit 220 UK

The Demon Complete Tune kit 220 UK offers all the equipment for you to be able to do your own maintenance on their snowboard or skis. Including everything from a file to a stone to the iron itself, this kit has everything to ensure that your board is running the best it can. Being small and compact, you can pretty much take this kit anywhere, whether you've got a waxing station at home or just want to take it on your next trip. Treat your board right this season, and get the Demon Complete Tune Kit.

Key Features:

  • Wax Iron
  • Edge Tuner
  • Tuning Stone
  • Wax Scraper
  • Flat File
  • Wire Brush
  • Polish Pad
  • P-tex
  • Carry Case
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