Salomon Driver CA Photochromic Helmet

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Salomon Driver CA Photochromic Helmet

DRIVER+ is a unique visor helmet built with EPS4D technology. It features an easy changing lens system and exclusive Motion Shield System for convenience, fit and comfort. It also uses a Custom Air Adjustment System to wrap your head with precise and personalized fit. This helmet includes one visor cat. S1 - S3 that adapts to different lights.

Best Comfort: Salomon's Motion Shield System is an easy to use, true over-the-glass (OTG) system that let's you keep your glasses on at all times.

Personalized Fit: The completely redesigned Custom Air Adjustment System ensures a precise, personalized fit, wrapping your head in complete comfort.

Protection: Salomon’s patented EPS 4D technology maximizes energy absorption and protects your head more efficiently from oblique and vertical shocks.

Playground: On piste
Fit: Oval
Weight (g): 670
Ventilation: 4/5
Lightness: 3/5

EPS4D: Salomon's patented EPS4D technology maximizes energy absorption and protects from oblique and vertical shocks.

Motion shield system: An exclusive Salomon visor kinematic that offers perfect face fit and allows to keep glasses on at all times. Another feature that makes the Driver and Mirage helmets the best of their category.

Photochromic technology: The photochromic lens responds to changing light conditions by dynamically adjusting the level of tint from lighter to darker.

Helmet bag
Interchangeable visor: Change your visor depending on weather conditions without any tools.
Hybrid construction: The ultimate helmet construction pairing an injected ABS upper shell and a lightweight in-mold lower shell. The hybrid construction allows extra ventilations and Airflow Concept integration.
Custom Air® fit system: Salomon's exclusive Custom Air fit adjustment system for a precise and personalized fit.
Oval fit: Active ventilation, Allows you to modify the airflow and heat exhaust.
Airflow concept: The EPS4D liner built-in channels allow an even temperature and constant airflow between your head, your helmet and your goggles (adjustable airflow on selected styles).
TCS (thermo control system): All the best temperature regulation technologies available on the market combined in one helmet.
3D sound system earpads: A new, 3D perforated ear-pad construction that allows better sound transmission.
Audio system compatible: Compatile with wired devices.
Advancedskin activedry: Quick drying material to keep your skin dry.
Removable/washable: For better hygiene: an easy to remove, 100% washable liner.
Tool-free lens changing system: No tools are needed to change the visor.
100% UV cut: All Salomon lenses filter 100% of the sun's UV rays, for complete eye protection.
Alpine CE-EN1077/ASTM F-2040: Certified organizations which are accredited to test and certify products to European (CE) and US (ASTM) safety norms. This product is certified for skiing.

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