Buffwear Frozen Anna Jnr Polar Colour: PINK / SIZE: CHILD

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Buffs Frozen Polar Tubular Kids

Anna Bright Pink - Frozen Polar Multifunctional Tubular Kids. Multifunctional Frozen polar tubular for kids made of fleece and stretchable microfiber. Lower fleece and upper microfiber tubular for Kids providing a versatile solution for different environments and sports. Designed to maintain body temperature in cold weather conditions during outdoor. Ideal for hiking and snow sports like cross-country skiing, downhill skiing and snowboarding. Design: Frozen. Size: One Size. Designed for kids (4-12 years).


UltraStretch technology: highly stretchable product designed for top comfort and performance.

Polar fleece fabric provides warmth with an extremely soft and gentle feeling. Designed for protection and comfort.

Specifically designed for children: designs, sizes and technology focused on the comfort and protection of the youngest ones.

Wide range of wearing styles and possibilities. Enjoy versatility and freedom in one product.

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