Bolle Synergy Helmet 18/19

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Brand Bolle

Bolle Synergy Helmet

The SYNERGY helmet, a veritable distillation of technologies. A hybrid shell (ABS at the top for maximum resistance and In-Mold at the bottom for lightness), an air extractor and adjustable ventilation keep your head dry and at just the right temperature, plus a Click-to-Fit adjustment system for perfect fit … all in this unique helmet.

AIR EXTRACTOR: Open venting provides constant air circulation while adjustable venting on the top of the helmet allows you to control the amount of air coming in for maximized comfort.

ADJUSTABLE VENTILATION: The adjustable ventilation system is easy to use and enables you to adjust the amount of air flow coming in.

CLICK TO FIT™ SYSTEM: Our new Click-To-FitTM system allows you to fine tune the fit of your helmet easily and quickly. Our rubberized adjustment wheel lets you tighten or loosen the helmet effortlessly, even with your gloves on!

REMOVABLE EAR PADS: Designed to be comfortable and warm, while still allowing you to hear clearly. Helmet ear pads can be removed for washing.

AUDIO KIT: Our audio kit system offers great stereo sound with a volume dial for quick and simple sound control. Super thin speakers are inserted directly into Bollé® ear pads so you can’t lose them. *Audio kit sold separately

HYBRID SHELL: The right material in the right place:

  • ABS shell on the top for impact and penetration protection. 
  • In-mold design on the lower portion for weight reduction 
  • and style. Bollé® hybrid shell construction synergizes the key features and benefits of In-mold and ABS shell technologies.



  • air extractor
  • adjustable ventilation
  • click to fit™ system
  • removable ear pads
  • audio kit
  • hybrid shell
  • furry lining
  • removable and washable lining
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