Dakine Petal Mat 15/16 Colour: DOTTY

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Brand Dakine

Dakine Petal Mat Stomp Pad

Add a personal touch to your board! Stomp pads give your foot something to grip to when its unbuckled from you bindings this is especially useful on ski lifts.


  • Molded urethane
  • Size: 4" x 4" [ 100mm x 100mm ] 
  • Weight: .6 oz. [ 17g ]


1. Board and stomp should be at room temperature, 70 F [ 21 C ]
2. Clean surface with rubbing alcohol. Surface must remain clean, smooth and dry. Do not touch.
3. Use a blow dryer on high to heat up the prepared board surface as well as the adhesive on the traction device.
4. Immediately after heating, place the stomp and press firmly. Stand on the stomp without twisting, the more weight the better.
5. Allow the adhesive to cure at room temperature for 24 hours.

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