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Gain For Your Group
Penrose Outdoors - Gain For Your Group - Terms and Conditions

Offered Discounts are for members of bona fide groups who have registered with Penrose Outdoors.

Individual members maybe asked to verify their membership of a group by producing evidence of membership.

Penrose Outdoors reserve the right to change the percentage rate of discount offered or to remove discounts at any time.

Penrose Outdoors reserve the right to refuse registration of individuals or groups, and to refuse to give the offered discount.

Penrose Outdoors reserve the right, under the Sale of Goods act, to remove an item from sale before any payment has been made, where there has been a pricing change or error, or a misunderstanding on the offered price.

Discount percentages are offered as a discount from the Retail Price. Penrose Outdoors excludes the application of these discounts from SALE prices, offer prices, Promotional prices, Penrose prices, or any other promotional offer (eg BOGOF) and from Trailer tents and folding campers.

Rohan clothing is also excluded from these discount offers, but may be purchased at 10% off Retail prices. This discount cannot be applied to SALE and promotional prices or offers.

Discounts are not applicable to any Credit sales, or to any sales through our offered Finance House.
Points Bank:
Penrose Outdoors will record all amounts spent by group members. These will be banked at 1 point per £1 spent.

In addition to the discount already given, Penrose Outdoors agrees to return to the group, at 15 December annually, either 2% of the points accrued as Cash (ie 1000 points = £20 cash back) or 4% of the total in equipment at Retail price value (Retail price, not Sale or promotional price).

If your group closes or finishes at any time, you must inform us before 15 December, and we will put the points ‘on hold’. No cashbacks or equipment may be taken before the 15 December annually.
Returned Goods:
In the event of an item being returned for a refund after purchase, and the points awarded to an account, then these points will be removed from the account at the time of the refund.
Information / Data:
By joining the scheme, participants and groups agree to their contact data being held by Penrose Outdoors for occasional contact with details of offers and events. Penrose Outdoors will not share this information with anyone else.

Participants may unsubscribe via our website or by verbal or written instruction at any time, although this will result in any points balance being zeroed. No financial data, apart from the amounts spent, will be held by Penrose Outdoors. No credit card data or information is retained by Penrose Outdoors.
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